Cultural Tourism Depth Fusion Quietly Changes Industry Ecology

Cultural Tourism Depth Fusion Quietly Changes Industry Ecology

An article by Zhong Shenjun:

It is a key to promote consumption upgrading, and the priority to change the models and adjust the direction by promoting the deep integration of culture and tourism with supply-side hands as well  vigorously developing cultural tourism industry. In-depth exploration of cultural connotation turns to be  an important part of innovation of tourism supply side in China.The depth of culture and tourism is changing tourism ecology quietly.

In recent years, tourism has shifted from traditional scenic spots and shallow experiences to deeper emotional, spiritual and spiritual experiences.In fact, the proportion of cultural consumption in the tourism process is gradually increasing, and culture is also becoming an important engine of tourism destination marketing.For example, Matching Game once made Hokkaido, a little-known Japanese island, a tourist destination for many young Chinese couples. Langyabang made the scenic spot Xiangshan Shooting Base famous in China,  due to the miracle of audience rating in South Korea, some South Korean travel agencies have directly introduced Xiangshan Shooting Base Tours, with 5,000 tickets sold out in one day.

Tourism is the essence and culture is the soul. The interactive integration between cultural creativity and tourism is moving forward to excavate cultural connotation. Digging deep into cultural connotation not only gave birth to various forms of tourism and distinctive tourism commodities, but also effectively integrated the spirit of cultural characteristics in tourism resources and formed great attraction. Dasong Road Jinghua Dream, the largest Song Wenhua theme park in China – a large-scale live-action water show produced by Kaifeng Qingming Shanghe Park. The performance depicts a picture of the heyday of the Northern Song Dynasty. It gives tourists a strong audio-visual feeling through beautiful classical Song lyrics, grand scenes, high-tech dance beauty and majestic performances.

“Creativity is the king and the model is the key” said by Mei Shuaiyuan, the founder of China’s landscape live-action performance when analyzing the live-action performance. He said that the core inheritance of Chinese culture is Confucian’s ” harmony between man and nature” and Taoist’s ” imitation of nature”. Therefore, the cultural creativity should focus on integration with nature, dialogue with ecology, enhance tourists’ sense of entertainment experience, and increase attraction of scenic spots. At the same time, it should also promote cultural inheritance, cultural value enhancement, and promotion of cultural resource protection, which will produce great benefit radiation to the development of surrounding industries, aiming at promoting the best economic model for the development of local tourism industry.

Judging from the current situation of tourism destination marketing, the deep integration of culture and tourism is leading the tourism industry to further transform and upgrade.Driven by consumption, the tourism industry has gradually entered the stage of social-driven development. With the popularization of demand, the trend of diversified consumption has become increasingly prominent, and the characteristics of industrialization and socialization of functions have become increasingly distinctive.

Under this background, the tourism industry is upgrading from a single industry to a super industry integration platform. On the one hand, culture and tourism are deeply integrated; on the other hand, various capital elites such as health, health preservation, pension, agriculture and so on are entering the cultural tourism platform on a large scale.The convergence of these markets is also driving unprecedented changes in the cultural and tourism industry, quietly changing the ecology of the cultural and tourism industry.